Quillen Brothers Windows sold

Leaf Home Enhancements, a vertical company of Hudson, Ohio-based Leaf Home Solutions, has purchased Quillen Brothers Windows, with plans to keep the name while growing the business. Officials from both companies joined together Monday to celebrate. Pictured in front, from left, are Matt Barresi, president of Leaf Home Enhancements; Chris Brosch, chief event marketing officer of Leaf Home Enhancements; and Sean Loboda, chief human resources officer of Leaf Home Enhancements. In back are Scott Sarel, director of installation for Leaf Home Enhancements; Chris Counahan, chief sales officer for Leaf Home Enhancements; Vicki Quillen and Quillen Brothers Windows President Bob Quillen, who will stay on as a trainer and consultant.

From the road, everything will look the same at Quillen Brothers Windows, 677 N. Main St., in Bryan.

But as of Tuesday, some big changes are happening inside. Quillen Brothers Windows has a new owner — Leaf Home Enhancements, a division of Hudson, Ohio-based Leaf Home Solutions. Leaf Home Enhancements will retain the Quillen Brothers Windows name and the 18 employees and eight installers, while making plans to significantly grow the business, according to Chris Counahan, chief sales officer of Leaf Home Enhancements, a direct-to-consumer provider of branded home solutions.

“It’s a great brand, great people, great processes. Under Bob’s leadership, they’re recognized as a leader in their business. His company has a great reputation ... he runs a customer-focused based business that ensures satisfaction from the beginning of the sale until the job is finished,” Counahan said, referring to company president Bob Quillen.

The Quillen Brothers Windows name will stay on the trucks, marketing materials and outside of the building. Everything stays the same except Quillen Brothers is now owned by Leaf Home Enhancements, said Matt Barresi, president of Leaf Home Enhancements, who joined with Quillen and his wife Vickie inside the Quillen Brothers office Monday to celebrate the new ownership, along with Counahan and other members of the Leaf Home Enhancements company management team.

“Everything stays the same. We’re just going to turbo-charge the business with new technology and with what’s been successful, to better serve the customer,” Barresi said.

Quillen began Quillen Brothers Windows in November 1999 and steadily built his window and door replacement business, serving customers within a 75-mile-wide tri-state region. A need to expand operations led to him moving from its original location in Pulaski to 05627 Ohio 15, then south a mile into the former Data Eclipse building on North Main Street.

Quillen said he wasn’t necessarily looking to sell, but took what he calls “a great offer.” He is a noted industry trainer and motivational speaker and said he plans to concentrate on those engagements — which he said is really his passion — while maintaining a role with Leaf Home Enhancements as a consultant and trainer.

“I’m really looking forward to the next chapter in my life,” Quillen, now 53 years old, said. His two sons, Mike and Matt, will stay with the new company, as will his brother, Josh Erman.

Counahan and Barresi said Quillen Brothers Windows is widely recognized as a quality company and were referred to the possibility of buying Quillen Brothers by another industry leader, Gary Fanelli, the owner of Window Pros Inc., in Pennsylvania. Interestingly, it was Fanelli who manufactured Quillen’s windows for the first three years.

Despite the pandemic, sales at Quillen Brothers Windows topped $5 million last year and have been as high as $7 million.

“I’m excited,” Quillen said. “I feel like I’ve kind of been the bottleneck here, trying to keep the company at a manageable growth level. I think it’s only going to take off from here.”

Counahan seemed to agree, promising to double Quillen’s annual sales by the end of 2022.

“This is a great company. (Bryan) is a nice town. We’re looking forward to big things here.”

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