Rock the Park proceeds

Organizers of the Rock The Park benefit concert presented a check for $8,100 to the Lucas family on Monday, May 31. The check represents the proceeds from donations collected from attendees at the May 22 concert at the new Fountain City Amphitheater. Pictured, front row, from left, are: concert organizer Debra Holbrook Beevers, director of the Joyce Reader Memorial Foundation; Bryan High School students and donation recipients Calla and Tavis Lucas; their cousin, Kash Lucas; and Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade, co-organizer and sponsor of the event. In back are: grandfather and guardian Kevin Lucas; and his son and daughter in-law (Calla and Tavis’ uncle and aunt), Ben and Carla Lucas.

The Rock the Park benefit concert May 22 at Bryan’s new Fountain City Amphitheater raised $8,100.

Deb Holbrook Beevers and Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade formally presented a check to the Lucas family May 31 outside the Don C. North city building. The funds came entirely from donations and raffle proceeds from the day-long benefit concert that featured five bands and was organized by Beevers, Schlade and others in the community.

Bryan High School music teacher and orchestra director Brandon Gordon had the idea for the benefit concert, which he envisioned as a fundraiser for the Lucas family, and asked Jim Holbrook and Beevers to help organize the event. Parents Autumn and Josh Lucas both passed away in 2020 and are survived by two minor children, Calla, 16, and Tavis, 14 — both Bryan High School students who are involved in the BHS music department — along with one adult son, Navin.

Josh’s father and Calla and Tavis’ grandfather, Kevin Lucas, with help from his son Ben and Ben’s wife Carla, have stepped in to help raise Calla and Tavis. Kevin Lucas said Wednesday he was appreciative of the community’s support.

“I wasn’t expecting it. I’m grateful for everyone’s support,” Kevin told The Bryan Times. He said the proceeds will go into Calla and Tavis’ savings accounts “so they have money down the road to do what they need to do.”

The concert was also a memorial for Holbrook, Beevers’ brother and also one of the organizers, who originally was scheduled to play at the concert with his well-known, locally based band, the Holbrook Brothers. He passed suddenly April 30.

Brandon Gordon and his alt strings students came up with the idea of doing a concert for their friends and classmates to raise money to help them. Beevers, director of The Joyce Reader Memorial Foundation, partnered with Gordon and his students, and with sponsorship assistance from Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade, made the benefit concert a reality.

“People in the community really showed up for these kids,” Beevers said.

Kevin Lucas acknowledged that at times “it’s been a struggle. But we (he, Ben and Carla) stepped up to do the best we can do for these kids. Life goes on, you have to be strong. But we appreciate everyone’s support.”

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