Bryan School Board

Outgoing Bryan City Schools Board of Education President Scott Benedict, right, handed the gavel over to incoming President Dustin Schlachter Monday evening. “We’ve been through a lot of struggles and gotten through with everyone healthy and intact,” Benedict said. “I’m here to help you as my predecessor helped me.”

Bryan City Schools Superintendent Mark Rairigh opened Monday’s school board meeting with certificates to all members in recognition of School Board Appreciation Month.

“2021 seems like eons ago but it was a great year,” Rairigh said. “Sale of the Portland Street property to Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers demonstrated your commitment to serve the community in any possible way and passage of the substitute levy provides a stable financial outlook to maintain operations with a respectful and conscientious eye for taxpayer dollars. COVID-19 isn’t going away but we’ve been able to maintain in-person education throughout the year when not under federal mandate.”

Treasure Kevin Schaffer reported the district had received its first payment from the state’s Fair School Funding Act, totaling “just over $900,000.”

“It was a big catch-up,” Schaffer said. “They calculated where we should be whole for the year and payed out 54%. The other 46% will be spread out in payments twice a month the rest of the year.”

During their organizational meeting prior to regular session, members elected Dustin Schlachter as board president and Mike Stockman as vice president in 2022. They agreed to hold meetings at 6 p.m. on the second Monday of each month.

Committee appointments remain unchanged from 2021 with Schlachter and Scott Benedict on the Negotiations Committee; Stockman and Ben Camarillo on the Business Advisory Council and Facilities Commission. Stockman will continue as legislative liaison/Policy Committee. Benedict and Camarillo will serve on the Wellness Committee. Schlachter and Deb Opdycke will serve as Ohio School Board Association delegates. Opdycke and Camarillo will serve on the Audit Committee and Community Advocates for Healthy Families.

The board went into executive session at 6:22 p.m. to discuss discipline of an employee and took no action afterward.

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