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State Bank has purchased the building that formerly housed Huntington Bank in Edgerton with the intent of opening later this month, though no firm date has been set. Pictured in the front row are Dawn Fitzcharles, village administrator; Bob Day, Edgerton Development Corporation president; Tyson Moss, senior vice president and market executive for State Bank; and Natalee Landel, EDC secretary. In the second row are: Tom Flegal, EDC; Adrian Fritch, State Bank assistant vice president; Jason Dietsch, EDC vice president; and Dave Casebere, EDC.

EDGERTON — Edgerton lost one bank but gained another in short order.

Huntington Bank left its two locations in Edgerton — a walk-in branch and a separate drive-through, both in the 100 block of North Michigan Street — earlier this year and the Edgerton Development Corporation (EDC) purchased the building in late March.

A few weeks later, the building was sold to State Bank, based out of Defiance.

Tyson Moss, senior vice president and market executive, said the EDC approached State Bank about coming to Edgerton and the bank decided to take them up on the offer.

“Our president, Mark Klein, started his banking career in Edgerton many years ago,” Moss said. “We have four other offices in Williams County, we just acquired Edon State Bank about a year ago, so it made a lot of sense, logistically, for us to come over here.”

State Bank purchased both buildings and intends to operate out of both.

With a clientele that heavily features farmers, Edgerton was a pretty obvious choice, Moss added.

“We’re a community bank and we have a lot of experience working in small communities,” he said. “ ... This is our bread and butter, this is how we do business.”

In Williams County, State Bank has offices in Edon, Bryan, Pioneer and Montpelier, with other offices around the area, including in Indiana and Michigan.

No firm date has been established for the opening in Edgerton, but they are hoping for a May opening.

“We’re thrilled to have a bank in the bank building,” said Bob Day, Edgerton mayor and president of the EDC. “That’s what it’s been for 100 years and even before that, this building was built after a fire in the previous one.”

He was also glad for the quick turnaround, so the building won’t be empty for a long time.

EDC was initially formed in the 1950s with the intent of bringing industry to Edgerton. Although the corporation lagged for a time, Day and other business leaders are looking to be active again.

“We’re not done,” Day said. “I think we’ve got some businesses looking at our empty business (buildings). We want to keep it rolling.”

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