The Village of Stryker will now be going through the Ohio Attorney General’s office for past-due income tax bills.

Emily Clemens, deputy clerk, suggested the action to council during this week’s meeting.

“I think this is a good way to go because with our current situation, now, the guy takes one-third of the balances we send them,” she said. “The attorney general’s office will charge 10 percent, but they will actually tack that onto the bills that we send them. So, if someone owes $100, they will have to pay $110. The attorney general’s office keeps $10, we get the full $100.”

The AG’s office will handle anything over $100.

This option is better, Clemens added, because they have a good way to get the money.

“They’ll actually withhold state refunds and send them right to us,” she said. “So, if someone owes us money and they get a state refund, they don’t get the refund. It comes right to us. So, I think it’s a good thing to at least try.”

Clemens heard about the option during a July training session. Other clerks throughout the state use this option and are having good results.

She suggested only using it for new delinquencies going forward, as the person they currently use has taken current collections to court and is getting payments.

The council voted to go with this option and have Village Administrator Alan Riegsecker sign the contract with a few council members.

In other business:

• Council set trick or treat for 5:30-7 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 26.

• Riegsecker told council a contractor is coming in to fix a water main leak village employees were unable to fix on Portland Street. The leak isn’t gushing, he said, but needs to be fixed.

“The worst case scenario, if (the contractor) had to replace everything in there, it would be $23,000,” he told council. “If he comes in there and sees it’s only one connection, one fitting, whatever it is, it would be minimal.”

• Riegsecker also said a road crew will be coming in for street repairs on West Street between North Depot and Lynn streets. He said the contractor will do the work for about half what they were expecting.

• Council member Vicki Cameron asked about possibly putting in a splash pad in the village. Beth Rediger, village fiscal officer, said they would want to get a NatureWorks grant for such a project, but there is currently no funding. Another obstacle they face is that a splash pad normally goes in a park, but Springfield Township owns the park.

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