Montpelier School Board

Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Superintendent Jamison Grime said that some extracurriculars, such as the school musical and archery club, have been scaled back this year.

MONTPELIER — The Montpelier Exempted Village Schools principals said the school year has gotten off to a good start while the superintendent announced some changes to extracurricular activities Tuesday.

During the district’s board of education meeting Tuesday, Montpelier Elementary School Principal Lance Thorp said the beginning of the year has been “super smooth.”

“All things considered, it’s really gone pretty smooth, so I think it’s important to report that, sometimes,” he said.

Lance said the online learning plan has been posted online, if anyone needs to use it.

He is also looking for a way to have some of the district’s normal celebrations.

“We want to reward kids for doing the right thing and recognize them,” Lance said. “It’s important because the kids look forward to some of that stuff and it really is a motivational factor.”

Su Thorp, junior high and high school principal, also gave a positive update about the start of the school year.

She said she “couldn’t be more proud” of her students and staff for their acceptance and adaptation to the new routines during the pandemic.

“Our attendance is up compared to last year, even,” Su said. “I’ve been looking at the numbers and was very impressed. I think it has to do with the fact people were out of school for so long, they’re ready to get back into a normal routine.”

She commended the students who wanted to come in and learn.

Extracurriculars are also set to expand soon.

“Right now what we have going on is athletic and I think we’re going to start building on some of those other extracurriculars,” Su said. “I think we’re going to follow through with our quiz bowl and spelling bee this year. There are several we will have coming up.”

Superintendent Jamison Grime commented on that later in the meeting.

When the board was approving certificated supplementals, some of them were described them as being “half supplemental” or otherwise not approved fully.

“I sat down and talked to all these people individually and kind of agreed instead of doing full-blown musicals this year, we’re going to do something more like a cabaret,” Grime said. “They’ll get some sort of a performance, an opportunity to perform, but not to the scale of a full-blown musical. We kind of agreed half was about right.”

Meanwhile, the marching band won’t be going to the away games and archery will have practice but won’t be going to many tournaments, Grime said.

As the school year goes on, he said supplementals and activities could be added as conditions change.

“The goal is to still maintain some level of normalcy,” Grime said.

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