Edward Steven Royce Ramirez

Edward Steven Royce Ramirez remains at large after a high-speed pursuit Thursday around and through Bryan.

The incident started at 4:04 p.m. Thursday, “When a patrolman saw Ramirez on Elm Street and gave chase,” Bryan Police Chief Chris Chapa said in a phone interview Monday morning. He has four outstanding warrants from the Bryan Municipal Court, including one alleging he resisted arrest on Oct. 26.

“Ramirez was picked up by a vehicle and the high-speed pursuit started,” Chapa said. At one point, “a female was dropped out of the vehicle and Ramirez became the driver,” he said.

The pursuit lasted more than an hour, mainly “on Ohio 15 and U.S. 127 in and out of the city,” Chapa said. “He avoided police and deputies for a while and we lost sight of him. The vehicle was found. He was not.”

Ramirez’s escape was due to the fact that “We play by rules while he does not,” Sheriff Tom Kochert said. “If we did what people think we can do, it would have ended in very short order.

“We will not jeopardize the public or any of our officers,” Kochert said. “This will come to a conclusion. We hope he doesn’t hurt himself or anyone else before then.”

In response to a video of one part of the pursuit taken by a motorist and posted online, Chief Deputy Jeff Lehman commented that “It’s only by the grace of God that they were not struck.”

Anyone with information regarding Ramirez’s whereabouts is asked to contact local law enforcement or the sheriff’s office at 419-636-3151.

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