Mayor Carrie Schlade played mediator at Monday’s city council meeting after a resident brought forth concerns about the condition of his street.

Jesse Hageman described Haver Drive, a small, one-block street between East Mulberry and East Bryan streets on the city’s east side, is “a mess,” and “pothole city.” And he said city garbage trucks have had issues navigating the street.

“This is Bryan, Ohio,” Hageman said. “We need to do something about this.”

Schlade agreed that the condition of the roadway is poor, but she and City Engineer Brian Wieland pointed out that Haver is technically a private road, not a public right of way and that its upkeep is the responsibility of the adjacent property owners.

Wieland said the city had no interest in assuming responsibility of the street, unless it is brought up to city standards, while Schlade said the road isn’t even wide enough to be a city street.

The city is able to use the street for police, fire and garbage collection services via an easement. Hageman asked city leaders what they would do if, hypothetically, a garbage truck toppled over due to the poor condition of the street.

Schlade then asked City Street Commissioner Tyson Engstrom whether he could give residents a 30-day notice to place their trash bags at the end of the street, rather than in front of their homes. Engstrom said he would do so.

City officials and Hageman appeared satisfied with the compromise. Hageman was also told he may have legal recourse to compel his neighboring property owners to invest in street improvements.

Separately, council approved an extension for the ongoing Main Street repaving project. The completion date was pushed back 20 work days, to July 26, due to rainy weather during June.

Wieland said he expects the project to be completed sooner than that. Cones have been removed south of Butler Street, he said, and crews are now working to repair manholes and paint striping on the outside lanes of the northern part of the roadway.

“It’s just about done,” he said.

In other action, council:

• Approved the hires Danielle Nicholson and Jordyn Waters at part-time police/fire dispatchers, pending background checks and physicals.

• Approved a pay raise for Recycling Department vehicle operator Kacey Grubb, who recently obtained a Class B commercial driver’s license.

• Authorized Wieland to apply for Ohio Public Works Commission grants.

• Approved the transfers of $500,000 from the 1 Percent Income Tax Fund to the general fund; $150,000 from the 1 Percent Income Tax Fund to the Street Fund; and $50,000 from the 1/2 Percent Income Tax Fund to the Sewer Drain Maintenance Fund.

• Heard from Fire Chief Bruce Siders who reminded residents that fireworks that are launched into the air are illegal in the state of Ohio and wished everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July. Schlade noted that city offices will be closed for the holiday on Thursday, but trash collection will take place as usual.

• Met in closed, executive session to consider the discipline of a public employee, with no action anticipated upon returning to regular session.

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