Sheriffs deputies Esckilsen Maynard

Kyle Esckilsen, left, and Tyler Maynard are the two new Williams County sheriff’s deputies after being promoted from probation status to full-time status. Here they show off their celebration cake during a brief ceremony Friday.

Williams County sheriff’s deputies Tyler Maynard and Kyle Esckilsen celebrated career milestones Friday afternoon, passing out of probation to full-time law enforcement officers.

Maynard is a 2013 Stryker High School graduate who got his peace officer certification from Owens Community College in Findlay. Esckilsen is a 2010 Defiance High School graduate and Marine Corps veteran who got his peace officer certification from Northwest State Community College, where Chief Deputy Jeff Lehman happened to be an instructor at the time.

With their promotion, the sheriff’s office has 16 full-time deputies.

Maynard proudly follows in his mother Heather Maynard’s footsteps. She was the first female member of the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team.

“I got to do a lot of ride-alongs with her and the Sylvania Police Department, like 400 hours,” Maynard said. “You can see the change you make in people’s lives, whether they are at their lowest low point or need help in a crisis. You can see it in their eyes, and this is the only job where that happens.

“I’d rather interact with somebody at their absolute lowest, make a difference and make life better, than never meet them at all,” Maynard said.

Esckilsen served four years in the Marines, including a 2013 deployment in Afghanistan, and worked as a truck driver before entering the police academy. “I enjoy talking to people and helping where I can,” he said. “If I can make people feel better, feel safer, or just have a better day, it’s all worth it.

“We’re in hard times,” Esckilsen said, referring to current events throughout the nation. “But we’re just ordinary people doing a job and doing our best to make things better.”

Esckilsen lives in Bryan with his wife, Andrea, and their children, Cali and Kortni.

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