Andrew Kendall

Andrew S.


After deliberation Tuesday afternoon, a jury found Andrew S. Kendall, 39, of Bryan, guilty of three felony counts of possession of methamphetamine, one count of felony drug trafficking and one felony count of conveyance of a controlled substance into a correctional facility.

“I’m pleased that the jury found this person to be guilty of these crimes as charged. The police did an excellent job, the Bryan Police Department, the MAN Unit, the other agencies involved,” said Williams County Prosecutor Katie Zartman.

“This person is a big drug dealer in Williams County. We’ve seen him for 15 or 20 years going back to 1997. We’re happy to get him off the streets for as long as we can at any one time. (The jury) made the right decision here, in my opinion.”

The trial concerned two incidents from March, as well as the circumstances of his arrest in Williams Center in May.

A jury of his peers reasoned Kendall to have been in possession of approximately 44 grams of methamphetamine (second-degree felony possession) based on a search of a vehicle authorities said he had been driving, but did not own.

On March 25, Kendall was allegedly spotted on North Walnut Street by Bryan police officer Tracy Williamson, who knew him to be driving without a license. Upon realizing the police presence, Kendall reportedly exited the vehicle and fled authorities on foot and was not able to be located at the time, according to Williamson’s testimony on Monday in the Williams County Court of Common Pleas.

That same incident, alongside a previous encounter with Bryan police in the same vehicle earlier that month (fifth-degree felony possession) from which he was released after questioning, yielded an additional small quantity of meth, and recovery of numerous items potentially used in drug trafficking including numerous one-inch bags and scales, as well as text messages and photos downloaded from his recovered phone concerning drug sales, and folded stacks of $100 that were within his wallet upon his ultimate arrest in May in Williams Center (second-degree felony possession and second-degree felony trafficking).

Numerous personal use drug paraphernalia items were also recovered.

A third incident was also deliberated by jurors, in which Kendall was found to have a small, but “usable” amount of meth in a baggy on his person upon entry to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio (third-degree felony conveyance). Jurors indicated Kendall knowingly brought the substance in after it was missed during a pat-down conducted by Williams County Sheriff’s deputies when he was arrested in May on a warrant.

A pre-sentence investigation is slated to be held at a yet undetermined date. According to Zartman, Kendall faces a maximum of 21 and a half years in prison.

Kendall is still expected to be tried in a separate trial on a felony charge of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

Charges previously brought against Kendall in the Williams County Court of Common Pleas include trafficking of cocaine, felonious assault, burglary (pleaded down to criminal trespass), non-support of dependents, violation of a protection order, drug possession and theft of a motor vehicle. Previous charges against him in Bryan Municipal Court include menacing, intimidation, numerous assaults, harassment, criminal mischief, possession of drugs, domestic violence, OVI, fugitive from justice and resisting arrest, among others.

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