The Williams County Family YMCA has begun an executive search to replace Rob Imber, who resigned May 23 as executive director. Meanwhile, the county Y has signed a temporary management agreement with the YMCA of Greater Toledo.

The Williams County Family YMCA board of trustees has begun an executive search to replace Rob Imber, who resigned as executive director effective May 23.

The board has signed a temporary management agreement with the YMCA of Greater Toledo, “to ensure the leadership transition goes smoothly and to position the local YMCA for the future,” board president Carolyn Dorsten told The Bryan Times on Friday.

According to the terms of this agreement, Beth Konczal, from the Toledo YMCA, will assume the roles of interim CEO and interim executive director of the Williams County Family YMCA. Also, multiple key leaders of YMCA of Greater Toledo will also dedicate time to assist the local Y in areas such as development/fundraising, member retention and recruitment, finance and accounting, childcare and programing.

The agreement is expected to last at least six months. It will conclude when Imber’s successor has been hired and onboarded, Dorsten said.

“On behalf of the entire board of trustees, we’re so grateful for the seven years of service of Rob to the YMCA,” Dorsten said. “Rob leaves a legacy of growth and expansion with our successful capital campaign, and we wish him all the best in the future.

“We’re also excited with our agreement with the YMCA of Greater Toledo and the leadership talent of Beth, now our interim CEO. Beth brings 22 years of service to the YMCA herself. She’s a committed, proven and dynamic leader, as shown by her recent recognition as Branch Executive of the Year by the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs,” Dorsten said.

The Williams County YMCA, located at 1 Faber Drive, in Bryan, reopened to patrons from COVID-19 restriction on May 26 and continues to restart key amenities and programs, including:

• The Child Development Center restarted on June 1 with two full classrooms and ready to open another;

• The pool reopened on June 8;

• The gymnasium, fitness center and track are open;

• Summer session fitness classes begin June 29.

Konczal said the Williams County Family YMCA is operating in full compliance with the stringent guidelines issued by the administration of Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Our team is committed to providing our members with a safe and healthy environment,” Konczal said.

For more information, contact the member service desk at 419-636-6185.

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