As of late Friday, Williams County is still at Level One, or Yellow, in the Ohio Public Health Advisory System.

Everyone else in the area can’t say the same.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Thursday that new public health data has led to eight additional counties being declared a Level Three, or Red. There are now a total of 23 counties in this category.

Defiance and Henry counties were upgraded to Level Three on Thursday while Fulton County is at Level 2, or Orange, as of Thursday.

The system measures seven main indicators: new cases per capita, sustained increase in new cases, proportion of cases not in a congregate setting, sustained increase in emergency department visits for COVID-like illness, sustained increase in outpatient visits for COVID-like illness, sustained increase in new COVID hospital admissions and intensive care unit bed occupancy.

Williams County reached 101 total cases as of Friday, including 20 probable cases. A total of 14 new cases this past week were reported, with a total of three deaths and nine hospitalizations.

Chad Tinkle, CEO of Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers, told The Bryan Times in an email Friday that two people are currently in the CHWC ICU due to the disease.

A total of 71 people in Williams County are presumed to have recovered from COVID-19, according to information from the Williams County Health Department.

Statewide, 77,309 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed with 4,437 probable cases. A total of 3,297 people have died, including 258 probable deaths.

Four Ohio counties — Butler, Lorain, Summit and Wood — were downgraded from Level Three to Level Two on Thursday.

“Overall, the downgrade in the risk levels in these four counties tells us that the measures to mitigate COVID-19 spread in red counties — including increased diligence in social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands frequently and reducing interactions with others outside your household — may be helping to slow the spread in these counties,” DeWine said. “We are cautiously optimistic about this, but these are still high levels of spread, and citizens across Ohio must continue to be vigilant.”

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