Real estate transfers

Bryan City

133 Rolland St., Jerry L. and Darline R. Barnett to Jason A. and Delores A. Hicks.

619 S. Lynn St., Richard J. Baker, trustee, to Gregory James Baker, trustee.

918 S. Lynn St., Connie S. Niese to Casey P. and Kayla M. Sanders.

104 Fountain Grove Drive, James L. Niday Sr., trustee, to Niday c/o Jason J. and Wanda Michelle Cuellar.

Montpelier village

317 W. Water St., Ira S. and Marilyn J. Kannel, trustees, to Rosa M. Burlew-Barnett.

717 E. Lawrence St., Reed c/o Terry L. Williams to Terry L. Williams.

116 LaFayette St., Jacob V. and Sarah C. Gillhouse and Linda L. Reitzel, trustee.

1208 Maplehurst Ave., Louis J. Herzog Jr., Devin L. Nemire.

Pioneer village

406 N. State St., Anna L. Bauer, trustee, to At Bauer Holdings LLC.

West Unity village

301 E. Jackson St., Cody E. Livensparger to Nationstar Mortgage LLC.

Bridgewater Township

664 Seneca Drive, Kenneth J. Smith to James P. and Klein Rowena Adamcik.

Center Township

121 Oak Meadows Drive, Rodemich c/o Eric M. Buchanon to Eric M. Buchanon.

Madison Township

16882 County Road P, Ivy E. Leonard to Greg Zuver.

Millcreek Township

14610 County Road 19, Mitchel S. and Sherrill A. Reed, trustees, to Paul and Tallish Davis.

Northwest Township

160 and 164 Lake Shore Drive, Delee E. and Patricia A. Ferreira to Patricia L. Peters.

16881 Ohio 49, Homer E. McCrea and Mary E. Revocable Living Trust to Lindsey R. and and Steven P. Thompson.

Pulaski Township

05627 Ohio 15, Michael R. Stewart to David J. Motter.

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