DEFIANCE — The next meeting of the Defiance County Genealogical Society on Monday, July 22, will not be held at the usual St. John United Church of Christ meeting place.

Instead, members and guests will meet at 7 p.m. for a guided tour of The Andrew L. Tuttle Memorial Museum in the former Home Saving and Loan Building at 514 W. Third St. in Defiance.

The museum’s namesake, Andrew L. Tuttle was a lifelong resident of Defiance, Ohio.

He bequeathed his extensive collection of Native American artifacts, coins, documents, stamps, military memorabilia, and other artifacts to the city of Defiance with the stipulation a museum would be established in his name. The museum officially opened to the public in May of 2013.

Although the museum bears Tuttle’s name, it is dedicated to preserving the diverse history of the city of Defiance and the surrounding area. Thus, numerous photos and artifacts have been added to the original Tuttle collection.

The Tuttle Memorial Museum’s mission is to foster an understanding and appreciation by people of all ages, backgrounds and interests of an inclusive history of the City of Defiance and its immediate surrounding area by responsibly collecting, conserving and interpreting the area’s natural and cultural history for the benefit of present and future generations.

Exhibits change from time to time, but they display Defiance through the years during times of peace and conflict, revealing how the Great Black Swamp, the rivers used by Native Americans and European traders, the Erie Canal, the railroads, and early events influenced the growth of Defiance and Defiance County. The Defiance County Genealogical Society will not meet in August.

The next meeting will be September 24.


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