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Hostess Noreen Piechocki prepared and spoke about five famous desserts inspired by women for the March 12 Preceptor Sigma meeting.

Noreen Piechocki hosted the March 12 meeting of Preceptor Sigma in her home. She also had the program for the evening called “When Dreams Become Sweet Dreams.” Her program was in honor of March being International Women’s Month.

She told of five famous classic desserts that were inspired by women. The first dessert was Pavlova, a meringue-based dessert that was named after the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova, when she visited New Zealand on her world tour. It is now one of New Zealand’s national dishes.

The second delectable dessert was Peach Melba. It was invented in honor of the most famous soprano singer of the Victorian age, Nellie Melba. The Duke of Orleans in the 1800s gave a dinner party to honor her. The chef made the dessert in her honor.

Tarte Tatin was the third dessert. It was made by accident by an overworked woman who, with her sisters, ran Hotel Tatin in France, Stephanie Tatin.

The fourth dessert was crepes Suzette, a French dessert. In 1895, a 14-year-old assistant waiter made the dessert for the Prince of Whales but it caught alight. The young man thought it was ruined but tasted it and it was so good he served it anyway to the prince and his guests. The young man suggested that it be called crepes princesse, but the prince protested. It was then that one of his guests, young Suzette, requested it be named after her. And so it was.

The last dessert was Victoria sponge cake. It was named after Queen Victoria herself. She was known to enjoy this cake with her tea.

It was interesting about the history of these desserts which came to be the sweet dreams of women. The best part was Piechocki, being a fantastic baker, made all five of these delicious desserts for members to enjoy. Such a sweet and delightful evening for all.

Due to the coronavirus, the chapter’s meeting of March 23 was canceled. Future meetings will be determined according to the crisis. The election of officers for 2020-21 will be held at a later date.

(Information courtesy of the club)

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