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Cynthia Wyse spoke to the Wesley LIFE Group about her passion for bicycling, which she has been doing for most of her life. She joined the GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycling Adventures) 12 times during their rides in Ohio. She also spoke of the many countries she has visited for vacations. ROBERT ROWAN/Courtesy photo

On Feb. 11, Cynthia Wise treated the LIFE group of Wesley United Methodist Church to a virtual trip to many countries. She shared many of the sites she had traveled to on her bicycle.

She told on one trip there were as many as 3,000 participants. The group she was associated with was the Great Ohio Bike Adventure.

Cynthia accepted a position with the Bryan Hospital as an occupational therapist in 1987 and she continued in that capacity until her retirement six years ago.

Up until that time she had worked for Parkview in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the same line of work.

She attended school in Perrysburg before moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana. She has four adult children and all have joined her in biking pursuits.

She shared many pictures of the many tents set up in fields where the group spent the night.

A large truck carried all the luggage and two other trucks had showers in them. Food trucks followed them and there was also a medical truck. Local people provided meals. They were treated to three meals daily with a morning and afternoon snack.

One van was equipped with supplies to do any repairs on the bicycles. Flat tires were common.

Cynthia developed friends along the way and still stays in contact with them. She told over the years her travels has included many countries and she has enjoyed them all.

Next week’s speaker will be Julia McCain.


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