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Shirley Ladd spoke to the Wesley LIFE group about her life. She is shown holding a photo of five generations of her family., father through great-granddaughter. ROBERT ROWAN/ Courtesy photo

The LIFE group of Wesley United Methodist Church met on Oct. 7 and asked Shirley Ladd, a member, to speak.

She choose the topic “Life is a Journey.” Her childhood was tumultuous.

She endured foster homes, children’s homes and separation from her family and her younger sister.

At age 5, she was adopted and began living with her family in Edgerton.

Her younger sister was adopted by a family living in Toledo. It took 37 years before the sisters were reunited.

Shirley developed an interest in music and found her talent in the Edgerton school system.

After graduation, she was accepted into the music department of Bowling Green State University.

She continued there for three years until her funding was discontinued by her adoptive parents due to serious disagreements.

She got caught up in some unsuccessful marriages and had five children.

She went through a period of depression after the death of her youngest son, in a fatal car accident. Shirley felt that her faith in God brought her through all the trauma in her life.

Shirley was reunited with her granddaughter and became active in her life and the life of her great-granddaughter. She see them almost daily and her life is full.

The church has asked her to play for the early service sometimes and she is playing at three nursing homes each month.

Her journey of life is traveling along at a good clip and her depression of the past is over. Her faith is strong and her life is complete.

Next week’s speaker will be Tim Conover.


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