LIFE speakers

The LIFE group of the Wesley United Methodist Church asked Rick Mettert and Bob Walker to share aspects of their spiritual journey. They are both very active and dedicated in the life of the church.

Rick grew up in Hicksville, but now lives in Bryan. His wife is Stacy and they have two children, Stevie Jo and Skylar.

Rick served in the U.S. Air Force and was employed at Bard’s Manufacturing for many years.

He grew up in a family that was dedicated to the Lord, and his mother became a Pentecostal preacher.

Rick admits when his sister was killed in 1976 he became disillusioned with religion and angry with God.

While he was in the service he realized that he need God in his life and rededicated himself to Him.

He feels his needs are met at Wesley where he is active in the Celebrate service (playing their drums). He also is a greeter at the contemporary service and participates in the Emmaus Walk and the Great Banquet.

Bob Walker talked about the power of prayer.

He has had two instances that he elaborated on that proved to be answers to his prayers. One led his son Joe to become a pastor.

The other was about the time Bob got his hand burnt badly (second to third degree burns). It proved to be very painful, as the burn had to be debried each day.

Eventually he had to have skin grafts with skin harvested from his thigh. In time, he experienced some degree of relief from the pain.

At that time another man was admitted to the burn center that had the same burns over most of his body.

His screams of pain could be heard over most of the center.

Bob prayed that God let him have some of the pain that the other man was feeling, so the man could experience less pain.

God answered that prayer, the man quieted down somewhat and Bob had excruciating pain return to him.

Bob talked about answered prayer, and how some answers come immediately and others can take years, but all in God’s time.

He told what the Bible has to say about prayer. It is simply a communication with God. It can be in your own words.

Next week’s speaker will be Carrie Schlade, mayor of Bryan.


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