Wesley LIFE speakers

Bob Rowan spoke to the Wesley LIFE group and showed a powerPoint presentation on past and present activities regarding the Williams County Veterans Military Heritage Museum in Montpelier. It was stressed that volunteers and donations are needed to keep the museum operating in the foreseeable future. Shown are Bob Rowan, left, secretary and public relations, and Chris Ovelgonne, president and treasurer. Courtesy photo

The LIFE group of the Wesley United Methodist Church on Nov. 4 heard a member speak on a subject very close to his heart. Bob Rowan, secretary and public relations person for the group, was the speaker.

He, along with Chris Ovelgonne, active president and treasurer, told about the group. Gary Burr is vice president and John Thomas is the newest volunteer.

Bob has been an active member of Wesley United Methodist Church for 63 years. He transfer was from the Evansport MC where he grew up.

Bob joined the U.S. Air Force in 1952 and served until 1956. At that time he became a member of the reserves for seven years, then the Air National Guard for 10 years, retiring in 1975.

Chris Ovelgonne has no military service, but developed an interest through reading and hearing stories from his grandfather who served as a Marine and from his father who is a Vietnam War veteran. Chris volunteered to assist at the museum.

Chris moved from Ottawa seven years ago, he is married and has done work as a security guard and an EMT. He is willing to work for the museum and hopes for more museum volunteers.

The museum is located at the Williams County Fairgrounds, in a wing of the Williams County Historical Society facility. There are 2,600 military artifacts at present on display. Many people has donated or loaned items for display. The largest contributor of items is Jim Bouman.

In 2017, the museum was incorporated with the state of Ohio and approved as a tax-exempt corporation. The museum’s grand opening was May 6, 2018. Its present address is 611 Main St., Montpelier.

The purpose of the museum is to conduct research and education of the public on military history, its conflicts, solldiers equipment and lifestyle.

Next week, Ed Likes will be the speaker.


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