Stryker Rotary Club

Pictured at the Stryker Rotary meeting are Rotary member Fred Grisier, left, and Rick Wityk, guest speaker. Courtesy photo

STRYKER — Rick Wityk, Stryker Legion Post commander, spoke to the Stryker Rotary at its regular meeting on Tuesday evening. Rick told the club that the Legion post has been working for a year to plan the event that is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 10.

The Post was established on Aug. 12, 1919, and this is a major milestone that it wants to celebrate.

During the last 100 years they have found three documented locations for the Post. They began operations in the upstairs of a shoe store on Main Street in Stryker. This building is the current home of the Grisier Funeral Home. The next location was in a residence that was located on the south side of the railroad tracks. This residence was moved to another location in Stryker near the river. The lot for this residence is the current home of the Subway restaurant.

Their current location on Main Street was purchased in 1975. They began meeting in the second floor until sufficient funds were available to remodel the street level of the building.

Saturday, Aug. 10 they will have the building open to the general public, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There will be historical displays including uniforms, weapons, medals, as well as photographs and other military memorabilia. They are also planning to have refreshments available.

The post has an additional celebration event scheduled at 4:30 p.m. that is for members and invited special guests.

Congressmen Latta is expected to be in attendance for this portion of the day’s events.

Rick also told the club that the Archbold Buckeye will be publishing a four-page article this week documenting events from the Stryker Post.

Rick also told the club of the work the Post has been doing in the Stryker Schools to assist with education of community children concerning the Legion and honoring the flag.


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