Kenneth Howard Bell (1936-2023)

Kenneth Howard Bell, age 86, of Stryker, Ohio, passed away on Sunday, May 14, at Fairlawn Haven Nursing Home in Archbold, Ohio. He was born on Sept. 1, 1936, to Opal Elaine Rice and Kenneth Albert Bell in Williams County, Ohio. His father died in 1936 before he was born and mother, Opal, re-married to Harold Francis Lapham on Feb. 17, 1940. On Dec. 14, 1953, he married Helen Yvonne Zulch, and she survives.

He worked for Spangler Candy Company in Bryan, Ohio, starting on July 12, 1954, starting with cooking peanut brittle in an open kettle. Other products that he worked on were Rock Candy, Chocolate Opera Creams, Bryan Drops, Chocolate Clusters (vanilla/maple/cherry) and Toffee Pieces and was the first one to run the Automatic Hansella Vacuum Trip Dum Dum Cooker for the Dum Dum Suckers. He became the candy cane supervisor in about 1965. He helped in deciding which colors and flavors should go together for their colored classic canes. They made a 100 pound candy cane for the Lazarus Department Store, but it broke when they tried to move it. Kenny was featured in the December 1984 issue of Ohio Magazine in an article called Candy Man. Retirement came many years later on July 31, 1995, after 41 years.

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