Our world today is more complex than ever before in our history. As we travel forward and face the complexity of issues, it would be nice to have a compass. Fortunately, our forefathers did give us a road map. It is called the Constitution. Unfortunately, it is not always specific as to which way you should turn or which path you should follow. Far too many congressmen wet their finger and put it in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, and it is just not getting the job done. Our country deserves better!

As a country, we are at a number of crossroads. Which way will our country go? Typically, when you come to a crossroad you have to make a choice. Go left or right or stay the course and go straight ahead. Politically, which way will we (as a country) go?

On January 6, we saw what happens when you attempt to stay the course (as we were doing in following the dictates of our electoral process and the Constitution). What would have happened if the radical far right had been successful in their insurrection? What sort of crossroads did this really represent? More importantly, what will be the path that leads us forward from this moment in history?

Unfortunately, the radical far right movement is still with us. Will our moving straight ahead with the Constitution withstand the pressure or will we keep edging closer to a serious confrontation? The Constitution has served us well in the past. Least we do not forget, the Constitution has provided us a framework that, above all else, we need to protect and defend.

Former President Trump acted like a backseat driver telling you where to turn or that in his opinion … you took a wrong turn. He wanted you to go right when the country made a slight turn to the left. Senator Lindsey Graham of Georgia is at a crossroads and he cannot figure out which way he wants to turn; left, right or straight ahead. He just wants to be re-elected. Senator Robert McConnell keeps turning right and going around in circles.

Congress is at a crossroads and their solution is to filibuster (in other words, one sided talk, talk and talk some more) like it will resolve any issue. By the free electoral process, we placed senators and representatives in Washington to solve issues and find solutions! Filibustering is not a solution. When did it become more important to support the party rather than your constituents that elected you? With tongue-in-cheek, could it possibly be our senators and representatives focus on the need for election campaign funds/money? Perhaps we should limit political contributions or is that considered the Holy Grail?

As a country, we have more important issues to be concerned about, such as: 1) growing racism and discrimination; 2) an assertive Russia; 3) China’s rise to a global powerhouse; 4) North Korea’s desire to be a military power; 5) the growing terrorism both home and abroad; 6) the need for gun control; 7) the preservation of free speech …. and I could continue on. Congress, it is time to get busy with addressing our real concerns and begin laying out a road map for the future of our country.

Republicans and Democrats are behaving like tribal camps. At least the tribes would on occasions set down and smoke the “Peace Pipe.” It is time for Congress to sit down around the campfire and “smoke the peace pipe!” We have real crossroad issues to address and resolve.

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