Our constitutional democracy has prevailed, and time has come for President Trump to stand down. Hopefully, President Trump will stop his temper tantrum and allow the United States democratic process to proceed forward. The citizens have voted, and we will have new leadership at the helm of our country. It has not been smooth sailing by any means, however democracy worked without a single shot being fired to change our country’s leadership. The same cannot be said for leadership changes in other countries. America can be and should be proud!

President elect Joseph Biden’s election may well have been the easiest task he will confront during the next four years. Recognizing President Trump’s divisive actions, Biden did not need to run, he chose to run and “won because he got more votes”. As we have seen, our country has several major issues which, in addition to those listed below include the rebuilding of our economy, employment and our relationship with our allies. We will need exceptional leadership and execution to confront them and most importantly…. act in such a way to resolve the following:

The Corona Virus Pandemic: This issue must have priority. We need to adopt the views and recommendations of the best scientific minds. As we have experienced, the corona virus will not go away by just saying it doesn’t exist or by willing it away. The President Elect will need to refocus the administration to achieve positive steps forward to 1) assure an effective vaccine and 2) make distribution of same. An effective vaccine appears to be on the near horizon. Making distribution to 328.2 million Americans will be very challenging.

A Politically Divided Country: The president elect will struggle with every decision he makes as to how it will impact our countries political divide. Having to address and find compromise on both sides of the aisle in congress will not be an easy task. Regardless, he will need to make each decision in the best interest and for the benefit of the country; not any one political party or to make himself look good.

Our Country’s Social Injustice: There is much work to be done to bring about equality. This will require patience and determination. This issue has been around since 1776 and progress will take time. However, I believe the country is ready for change and inclusion. President elect Biden will need to bring aboard leaders who are committed to changing the injustice that still remains and provide equal access to opportunities.

As I have said many times over, “Successful endeavors of change are the result of vision, focus and perseverance.” The above three listed challenges, in my opinion, have priority. The other needs will follow and fall in place once the above are addressed. The best thing President elect Biden has going for him is his knowledge and experience with how Washington works. Plus, he has the support of over 78,500,000 Americans!

As James Baldwin, an American novelist, said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

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