“And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust in new beginnings.” — Meister Eckhart 1260-1328.

Have you ever reached a point where you say to yourself, “It’s time to move on!” Not that you should forget the past nor ignore the significance of what took place. You just know it is time to move on! The insurgency that took place at the Capital on January 6, 2021, was an atrocity. I totally agree, it should not have happened. The blame for it rests fully at President Trump’s feet.

The insurgents that infiltrated the United States Capital should be dealt with legally. However, and perhaps most important, President Donald Trump needs to be held accountable in a way that is swift through any legal options available. The legal options are obvious, and a swift decision is necessary! Additionally, he should be barred from holding any federal or state office in the future. I have been a voting Republican all my life and I am totally embarrassed by the actions and events of President Trump.

My concern is how much time and money legal actions will take to administer justice? We have so many issues facing the country, i.e., coronavirus, discrimination, the economy, immigration and healing the wounds that have developed with our allies, just to name a few. The number one focus needs to be stopping the Coronavirus! There are far far too many citizens young and old dying of the virus (the virus President Trump said in its beginning “did not exist”). Vaccine supply and most importantly distribution of same are major issues, let alone “getting the vaccine into individual arms”.

The United States Congress has the ability through our Constitution to deal with Mr. Trump’s illegal actions and they should act with urgency. Let’s not drag the process out. Deal with it and move on. Granted Donald Trump received over 70 million votes in the November 2020 election. How many of those voters could have conceive the actions by or as to how far President Trump would go to remain in office. He has had the opportunity and did formally challenge the outcome of the election on several occasions. He failed on all accounts. Unfortunately, he would not accept the outcome. His actions to encourage and excite his few dedicated followers prior to and again on January 6; suggesting they commandeer and seize the U.S. Capital to stop the presidential ratification process were obviously not appropriate.

I hope, and I’m hopeful you will agree, that Congress should deal with Mr. Trump swiftly and move on to the “business of the people.”

It is time to start new and trust in new beginnings.

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