The Bryan Times,

A young elementary school child knows the simple molecular formula for water. By middle school the child knows you can only live about four days without water. A high school student doing research on water pollution will discover the ongoing risk of drinking municipal water in Flint, Michigan. A freshman college student will learn the Ogallala aquifer, the largest American aquifer, has been pumped dry in some locations in the High Plains. They will also learn that most years the Colorado River water is used up before it reaches the ocean.

Perhaps the student will hear in their church a visiting Missionary speaking about how in some village in Africa, the women walk six miles a day carrying water from a polluted source back to their homes. By graduate school, the student is doing real research regarding the dwindling supply of safe, drinkable water in quantities to supply the world’s growing population. Without of which, we will see the world’s greatest migration of humans crossing sovereign borders just to survive a few more days. Remember the knowledge of the middle schooler? Finally, after the student with perhaps 20 years of education becomes an adult and a scientist, many Americans choose to question their knowledge. Why?

So my question is simple. Why are the residents, the communities and the politicians within the Michindoh Aquifer appear to be allowing the export of YOUR WATER to communities which currently HAVE access to safe water in quantities they need now and in their future growth? When the Michindoh Aquifer is pumped dry or polluted in the future, will the communities that return back to Lake Erie for their water supply, then supply you drinkable water at prices you can afford? At that time, you will have no other choice other than to pay their price or migrate to where there is water.

So if you believe that America as a country can last for another hundred years, I suggest you save and protect your great Michindoh Aquifer. Why you ask, because all middle school children know, you need water to survive. However, politicians know that whoever has the needed natural resources will experience growth, and businessmen know there is money to be made for investors selling natural resources.

Protect your future and keep your water local. Water will always win!

Lauren “Skip” Bechtol

Asheville, North Carolina

(Bechtol is a former Bryan resident)

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