The Bryan Times,

I am writing in reference to The Bryan Times’ article dated Dec. 30, 2020, “Willis objects to another new park,” concerning Montpelier councilman’s Dan Willis’s reaction of another new park in Montpelier. Out of the 122 acres referred to, 120 acres were owned by Ray Shaull, my grandfather, where he operated two gravel pits.

Located on the west side of the 400 and 500 blocks of Mill Street with boundaries to the center of the river and the old channels, to County Road K. Two gravel pits occupy the land, leaving 65 acres of flood plain.

Because of the water depth and steep banks, one could deem this parcel very dangerous and a huge liability. As for the flooding issue, and Mill Street residents can attest to the fact the flood waters have risen as high as four feet, causin an enormous amount of cleanup after the water recedes.

As if the flood issue is not enough, this land has a history of trespassers, marijuana harvesting, trash dumping and is non-buildable.

My mother inherited this land, selling it to a farmer, relieving herself of the headaches and liability. The farmer sold it, claiming it is not farmable.

By acquiring this land, the village will merely ensure high insurance costs due to liability and a need for continuous patrol. The railroad runs through the acreage for which there is not right-of-way.

It is very concerning the three readings for public input on this matter were waived. 

I stand with Mr. Willis. Montpelier does not need another park, particularly on 122 acres inundated with liabilities.

It seems the taxpayers of Montpelier would be better served by using the money for future maintenance of the existing parks/pool we already enjoy.

Bill Peters


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