The Bryan Times,

The Bryan High School Art Department deserves high praise for all the hard work and time put into it. The dedicated teachers push their students to work hard, and they allow their students to have full creative thinking. The Art Department at Bryan High is widely known for the plethora of award-winning art pieces. Some of the pieces have even made it past state recognition. Other schools are highly impressed by the work that comes from our Art Department. There is no way the Art Department would be as great as it is without the incredible teachers. The teachers not only aid the students with their projects, but they also form an unbreakable bond with the students. They are always down to earth and even give great life advice if you are looking for some tough wisdom.

I truly believe The Bryan High School Art Department is one of the best in the state. I am so glad that I had the ability to get to experience such great teachers all while creating art.

Sarah Brightman

Bryan High School Junior

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