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Climate change has started to become a worldwide issue. The atmosphere faces harmful exposure that weakens it. Many countries combat this problem in efficient ways. Singapore burns their trash. Then they convert the harmful gas emissions into clean air. Lastly, they deposit the ash into a water source away from the ocean. They use the energy from burning trash to power buildings throughout the country. Sweden also partakes in the same practice, reducing the ways climate change harms the atmosphere.

While one person alone cannot fix climate change, many people together can make a difference. Taking action in small ways can impact climate change on a large scale. Reducing the use of plastic items can help on a global level. Not using plastic items can reduce the vast amount of plastic in the ocean. This also helps preserve the environment. Reducing food waste helps combat climate change as well. Certain farming methods release toxic gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide, into the atmosphere. When this food is thrown out, they release the same chemicals once they have expired. By cutting down waste, the harmful gas released from food will also decrease. Lastly, having education on the topic and trying to make a difference helps. Knowing the facts about climate change can open the minds of people. Registering to vote can also help. By voting for plans to combat climate change or voting for a candidate who supports combatting it, a person can help make a difference to the planet. Change involves effort and drive to help make the planet cleaner and a better space for each living being.

Riley Burdge

Bryan High School junior

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