The Bryan Times,

I have lived on a one acre lot just northwest of land proposed for a new hog barn (ref: “Swine farm application panned,” Nov. 20, The Bryan Times) for 31 years (and which my parents owned since 1959). This is one of worst places to locate the barn for the following reasons:

1. Flooding and Drainage — In heavy rain, County Road 16 acts like a dam for water. It has been breached and closed due to flooding, which has washed away parts of the roadway (and it backs up at all the nearby culverts and bridges). At the culverts are tiles bordering my land. The tiles drain land to the west to State Route 15 and 127 landowners along the way have tapped into these tiles. The tile to the south drains Plower Lake, which is spring fed and acts like 35 acre parking lot when it rains (all new parking lots now require a retention pond to hold back water). A 100 psi gas line goes parallel with the road and the gas company may ask to change things. The applicant has tiled the land and covered up an open waterway from the road. This fall he repaired a 15-inch tile east of my land. It busted open because of age and high water flow from other people tapping into it. And east of his land are open ditches with very little control of the water.

2. Soils — The land where proposed hog barn is to be built has been torn up by the gas line and tiling on the land, perhaps rendering soil samples false. When digging for my basement they hit sand on the corner of it. I have had flooding in my basement; three sump pumps have gone bad, and I have had power outages for days.

3. Application — The application showed a building, water well and trash for hogs, but no sewer system for humans. I have had power outages for days and did not see any generator or electrical drawings in the application.

4. The traffic — The traffic would increase and tear up the road, and the jog at the end of County Road A would limit semi trucks.

5. The prices of houses in the area — House prices will devalue and the taxes probably will go down also.

6. Water usage out of wells — With hogs gaining weight, water usage from wells might be 3 million gallons or more per year. That’s 8,220 gallons per day, 343 gph. (Will Plower Lake dry up?)

Michael I. Corwin


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