The Bryan Times,

The unspoken promise of the present day Republican Cult (it is no longer a serious political party) is that white people are superior to everybody else, so therefore, they deserve more and better privileges, they deserve to go to the head of the line, and they deserve the first chance at all the good stuff because they are white.

This is a classic case of circular reasoning and is not backed up by logic, reason or scientific fact. This is merely a Republican aspiration. If you are not on board with this agenda then the Republicans will oppose you with all the means at their disposal.

They will gerrymander all the districts so they can be disproportionately represented in state legislatures. They will pass laws restricting voting and access to the polling places. They will purge the voter lists for no particular reason. All these measures are designed to suppress the vote by minorities and people who don’t vote Republican. They will even resort to violence as witnessed on Jan. 6.

These tactics and strategy by the Republican Cult are decidedly unpatriotic and unAmerican. The Republican leadership has yet to condemn any of this because they are committed to maintaining white privilege at all costs. They engage in a campaign of propaganda, gaslighting and misinformation to justify their actions and maximize donations to their reelection campaigns. It is ironic that the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, that abolished slavery and emancipated the slaves, is currently the main purveyor of racial discrimination and white supremacy in this country.

The de facto leader of the Republican Cult, Donald Trump, faces a political future that is murky and uncertain at best. It is unlikely that the warden will grant work release to attend political rallies and it will be difficult to run a presidential campaign from inside a state penitentiary if not downright illegal.

The Republican Cult has demonstrated that it is devoid of any valid ideas for governing this country. They do not deserve our votes nor our confidence that they will govern fairly or impartially.

Dave Wells


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