The Bryan Times,

During normal discourse, when people disagree, the evidence usually favors one viewpoint over another, and most people will either graciously or begrudgingly acknowledge their support of that viewpoint depending on the merits of the evidence and life goes on.

In the Trump world fo true believers, however, this is not the cas. In that world, reality is what the 'Dear Leader' says it is. It is inconceivable to the Trump/MAGA/QANON mob that their 'Dear Leader' could have possibly lost the election, so therefore, one or more conspiracy theories must be true in order to explain the unexplainable.

That's why, despite repeated reassurances by GOP governors and elected officials, despite numerous recounts certified by their states, and despite over 60 lawsuits dismissed by Republican judges for lack of evidence of any kind, these people still refuse to accept that Donald Trump lost the election.

We, as non-believers, can mock and ridicule some of the more bizarre beliefs and behaviors and label them as foolish or delusional, but that still leaves our nation in a dangerous quandary. At least 25% of the population believes that something untoward happened in the 2020 election, and on Jan. 6 we already saw the lengths those people are willing to go to in an attempt to impose their will upon the rest of us.

Our American democracy is in serious danger of drowning under a rising tide of neo-fascism that is threatening to engulf our country.

Considering the current situation, with regard to Donald Trump and the MAGA/QANON mob, the likelihood of more insurrection-style events in Washington D.C. and one of more state capitals seems almost a forgone conclusion. Hopefully, we are better prepared to deal with these events if they happen again.

In the meantime, we must help to strengthen our democracy by supporting and electing representatives who will work towards trela solutions for rela problems instead of worrying so much about the problems plaguing Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head.

The work continues.

Dave Wells


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