The Bryan Times,

If you are white in 21st Century America, you are the beneficiary of many rights and privileges as enumerated in an earlier Public Forum (re: "The GOP deluding themselves," May 3 The Bryan Times), and that's just fine. It is truly wonderful that we live at a time in history when humans can enjoy this amount of freedom. However, if you do enjoy these freedoms, shouldn't you be willing to share them with other people, even if they don't look like you, pray like you do or have the same sexual preferences as you?

What is it about these differences that causes many people to deny other people first class citizenship? Whiteness of skin does not mean you are intrinsically superior to other people with different skin colors so skin color is not a good reason for discrimination. 

Many Christians believe they are following the One True Path but, I assure you, devout Muslims believe exactly the same thing, so religion is not a good reason for discrimination, nor is lack of religion.

LGBTQ people are jsut rying to live their lives like everyone else and they don't deserve the added burden of discrimination so sexual preference is not a good reason for discrimination.

We humans are very good at finding ways to differentiate ourselves from other people. Viewed objectively, these difference are superficial at best, and under no circumstances should the be used to discriminate against anybody. In fact,. there is not good reason for discrimination at all! We are all human being and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Those who would discriminate are very poor fellow citizens. Companies whose business model is based on exploiting discrimination for profit should be shamed and shunned until they cease such wicked behavior.

We, as a species, face too many problems that threaten our very existence. The more time we squander squabbling over foolish issues, the less time available for solving our most pressing problems. To recap: Discrimination + divisiveness = Bad! Empathy + toleration = Good! The work continues.

Dave Wells


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