The Bryan Times,

It is human nature to waggle a finger as someone else and say, "I told you so!" when we are right and they're wrong. There is a certain warm glow that course through us when we can gloat and pat ourselves on the back because we have been vindicated. That feeling is rather fleeting when we realize that the people we are most exasperated with represent 25-30% of the population and, like it or not, we are all in this together.

There is no pleasure to be gained from watching people waste money on worthless supplements, snake oil medicineĀ  and fake cures for COVID that involve anti-malarial drugs or horse de-wormer that is unfit for human consumption. There is no joy to be had from watching our fellow citizens needlessly suffer and die from something that is so easily preventable.

A large portion of the blame lies with the companies that continue to spread false information and actively advertise and promote products that are ineffective and sometime even dangerous. This is their business model, thisĀ  is how they maximize their profits. Their employees are all vaccinated so they don't have to worry about getting sick and dying. When the pandemic is finally over, Rupert Murdoch, et. al., will have much to answer for.

Humans also practice altruism, although it doesn't;'t come easily for most of us. Usually, we cling to our possessions and our hard earned money with a vise-like grip that makes it difficult for some charities to function. During times of natural disasters, these trends reverse, and there is an almost embarrassing outpouring of sympathy and giving, even from some of the most unlikely sources. Even if we don't have much ourselves, we are willing to contribute something to others who have lost everything. In the aftermath of these disasters, we are more than willing to give aid and comfort to those who are truly in need.

It would be wonderful if we could nurture these tendencies and help our fellow citizens as much as possible. If we pass the $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill, it would codify our altruism into law, and pay untold dividends for generations to come. Please contact your congressional delegation and express your support for this critical piece of legislation. The work continues.

Dave Wells


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