The Bryan Times,

I am not normally a political person. However, I do feel the Williams County Board of Elections, Williams County Commissioners and any elected official who effectively blocked the public’s right to a fair vote on the Williams County Charter should be removed from office. I will be using my vote in the future to remove those persons who are not for the Williams County people. I don’t care what political party a person belongs to, we all should at least have the right to vote. I realize AOP is in the business to make money, but these people could care less about the people in our county. My initial reaction is, if AOP can do this, what is stopping anyone else with enough resources to do the same, then where will we all be?

I have been to the meetings where things were going to be explained. The last meeting upset me greatly. No matter what anyone asked, the main theme was the “Government” will not let the county charter be put on the ballot. What was the use of a meeting, if basic minds were already made up? What type of government do we have in Williams County. I feel the people of Williams County have been betrayed.

Patricia Davenport


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