The Bryan Times,

To mask or not to mask — that is the questions.

Of course it's not really a question. It has been proven that masks greatly reduces the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In many countries, mandatory mask wearing has greatly reduced their infection rate.

But here in the U.S., the spread is growing at a rate way out of proportion to our population numbers. We are living with the idea, first generated in the 1960s with the me generation, that the rights of the individual far outweighs the rights of the majority. Wearing a mask infringes in the rights, they say.

But laws are passed to protect our citizens. You must stop at a red light or stop sign so you don't crash into some other vehicle and injure someone. You must wear a seatbelt, etc. We all must abide by these of pay the consequences.

If we're ever going to en this pandemic, then the federal, ste and local governments need to make mask wearing in any public place mandatory, if you do not comply then your first offense is a warning, your second offense is a fine, your third offense would be a jail term.

We know now that the virus is spread through the air. Wearing a mask does not infringe on your rights. It infringes on mine. Wearing a mask doesn't protect you from the virus, it protects me. Your refusal to do so could kill Me!

Carol Eschhofen


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