The Bryan Times,

Once again Mr. Leppelmeier got it wrong. What I objected to in his June 15, 2020, Public Forum, “Do not vote for any Democrats,” were the blatant lies about the Democratic Party being racist. I objected to his characterization of the Democratic Party being a vehicle to entrap and enslave people of color into “welfare plantations” in order to control them politically. As he stated, “always remember it is the Democratic Party that has constructed these racist welfare plantations and are diligently working to create the divisions in this country.” As I pointed out in June, the Democratic Party has a proud record of achievement with respect to this country’s civil rights legislation. The 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the 1968 Fair Housing Act and the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to name a few. That is what I was “raging” about, Mr. Leppelmeier. I said your June 15 piece was a “thinly veiled” political hit job to smear the Democrats as racist and I continue to condemn it as so.

Now, allow me to be perfectly clear as well. I do not approve nor condone the violence or law breaking that has taken place in the country as a regrettable byproduct to the Black Lives Matter protests. And I believe these actions have only detracted from what is otherwise a legitimate exercise of First Amendment rights that is supported by a large, diverse cross section of this country. I would also point out that right wing extremists, i.e. QAnon, white supremacists and vigilantes crossing state lines with automatic weapons to “help” police, are equally regrettable and unhelpful.

You appear to be a man of faith as your biblical quotations attest to. I am also a man of faith and, therefore, let me remind you of this commandment. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. I do not believe that God is either Republican or Democrat and, as such, I take great issue with your assertion that “God has given America a leader in Donald Trump that can handle the terrible devastation the Democrats have protracted upon this country.” Remember: What is happening now in the country is happening in Trump’s America and he is largely responsible for the untenable state the country finds itself in at this time. Lastly, unlike you, I have never told anyone how they should vote. I do take issue with people propagating untruths.

Tim Foster


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