The Bryan Times:

I was very disappointed in a letter written by a write-in candidate for the 81st House District this past week. The only thing that was true in the letter was the list of counties that cover the 81st House District.

I take pride in my job as your state representative for the 81st House District and I appreciate the trust that you have bestowed on me to represent you in Columbus. We deal with many bills in the Ohio House and I try to make the best decision on those bills based on the information that I have at the time the bill is voted out on the House floor. I always ask the question ‘what is best for the 81st House District and what is best for the State of Ohio.’

I will continue to fight for those issues important to my district, such as protecting the sanctity of life for the unborn; protecting the rights for the law abiding citizens to bear arms to protect themselves; fighting for less government regulations and to continue fighting for ways to open Ohio back up as we deal with COVID-19.

Earlier this year I was very frustrated and angry when I learned of the federal bribery charges made against the former Speaker of the House Larry Householder. But as I told others in Columbus on why I didn’t support Mr. Householder for Speaker, I was not surprised by his actions. You see I also did not vote for him for Speaker 12 years ago when he ran for the job back then. I just didn’t care for his leadership style and now the whole State of Ohio knows why. I told many members both Republicans and Democrats to be careful with their vote but he ended up beating the person I supported due in large part by getting support from Democrat House members who now support my write-in opponent.

I also supported to remove him as Speaker of the House within a week after he was convicted when the resolution was brought up on the House floor.

As I told the press back in January 2019 when Householder attacked my integrity in the press for not supporting him, “Householder should be more concerned about his own integrity than to question mine.” I will say the same thing to my opponent: “She should be more concerned about her own integrity than to question mine.”

Jim Hoops


Hoops is the Republican State Representative 81st Ohio House District

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