The Bryan Times,

Feeling discouraged by what I'm hearing on the issue of Bryan's plan to deal with empty buildings has prompted me to put my thoughts into action. I'm reading Ray Connin's Public Forum in the May 3, The Bryan Times, "Thoughts on vacant buildings," makes we wonder just who are you conning?  Seems as though you are knocking council for trying to remedy a problem we've had for decades and yet you offer no resolution. Frankly, I have always been frustrated by your empty buildings in particular ... they look ghostly. Please tell me, Mr. Connin, what would lowering your standards look like to get a tenant in one of your buildings. Because if it were me I'd feel like you have a great location for a medical marijuana dispensary. We need is for council to revisit this for discussion. Let's face it, our town is crumbling. Perhaps we should adopt some of our other local ideas, like Montpelier with their decision to level some buildings. Or Edon with their thoughts on allowing dispensaries. If we were able to purchase some places like the 100 block of North Main Street and level them, our library would stand out more. Maybe the library would do their part and put on a little siding, much like Community Hospitals and Medical Centers-Bryan used. And if we could get rid of the colonial-style building at 102 W.High St., and we could buy the tattoo shop building at 104 W.High St., then we could begin to maybe install a wall of flowing water, like that in the lobby of CHWC. Bring in a whole new look, much like Peters Eye Care. Thank you, Mr. Peters for a great job revitalizing that area of town.

And please, no more (storefront) churches, homeless shelters or yellow buildings. Level what needs to be leveled. 

Last of all, I seen Bryan Municipal Utilities cancelled a meeting because they had no (items to act on). Yet for the last year and a half they have not tried to level the homes that we bought, and they still sit vacant. *(See The Bryan Times Jan. 6 & 22, 2020, stories for background on the residential properties). If the budget is the issue then let's get our own equipment in there and push them over. Or better yet, let the fire department have them (for training).

Jess Hageman


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