The Bryan Times,

As I read with interest the letter from matt Hurd, "Don't force your fear on me," Nov. 3, The Bryan Times, I agreed with the headline. I've been asking myself since March, 'Where's the leadership?" We have had a tragically poor national leadership that has failed us during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hurd is just parroting President Trump's misinformation (that) COVID-19 is just like the flu; that masks take away our freedom and are unnecessary. The medical facts and 280,000 deaths and almost 9 million cases are "fake news."

Mr. Hurd probably thinks because HE doesn't have refrigerated trucks in our area, no one else does. What you cannot see doesn't happen or exist, right?

Well, I have had friends who have died, and many thousands of families are grieving. But I'm sure Mr. Hurd believes the lies of the President. On Nov. 5, there will be no more COVID-19. Hooray!

Karen Deemer


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