The Bryan Times,

The old saying goes, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me," but this is not true at all. Words do hurt, and they do much damage. Our words can be used to encourage and build-up, or to destroy and tear down. The choice is ours.

In the Bible, James writes extensively about the tongue as a small part of the body that can be like fire. "How great a forest is set ablaze by a small fire!"

For over four years, I have watched with dismay as Donald Trump has caused extensive damage with his words. His speeches and tweets have created doubts in our democratic process and anger amongst his followers.

Recently, the fires his words fuels burned out of control, and we saw a very sad day in the history of our country: insurrection and sedition.

Some of my fellow Republicans rue the day they voted for Trump, but many do not.

I have felt that something like this could happen in our country. So many enabled Trump and even ignored his inexcusable behavior. Now five people have died that didn't need to, and a piece of the democratic process has also died. i felt it was coming, but it was still shocking to watch.

When I hear President-elect Biden speak, his words are soothing and encouraging, like balm on a wound. Americans have forgotten what it is like to be spoken to in a kind way, and it feels good!

After the Electoral College votes were tallied and accepted, the Senate Chaplain closed with thoughts on the importance of words and what actions they can cause. Words are important.

May we all learn from this.

Karen Deemer


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