The Bryan Times,

This school year, I participated in one of the best experiences of my high school career: The YMCA Youth and Government Conference. Youth and Government is a program that teaches middle school and high school students about the process that our government bodies takes to function and make change. The program leads students through a conference where they debate, amend, and vote on bills that they have researched and worked on for months in committees as well as the Ohio Senate and House floors. Some conventions have moved these bills to the floors of the actual state houses.

Bryan High School has enjoyed great success in this program and has had some of its members become elected officers even though they have only been attending the conference in recent years. However, the program has only grown to a group of under twenty students of upperclassmen, when the program has the capacity to hold and teach high school students of all four grades. Also, while a new addition, Ohio’s Youth and Government program has expanded to house a Middle School conference.

If our youth are to be knowledgeable and wise voters, they must understand the process and function of our government. That is why I believe that resources should be put into Bryan’s Youth and Government program in order to further the governmental understanding of Bryan Middle and High School Student.

Joseph Kimble

Bryan High School Junior

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