The Bryan Times,

Consider all the recent activity at the local and state level involving the Michindoh Aquifer.

On June 3, The Bryan Times published news that a “Tri-state council of governments is in the works.” It will be called the Ohio-Michigan-Indiana Council of Governments. Williams County Commissioner Terry Rummel stated, “This is the three-state, nine-county get together to work with the aquifer trials and tribulations that we have going on ...”

On June 5, The Bryan Times reported that a project is under discussion a the Bryan Board of Public Affairs about establishing a “test well network” to monitor water levels as well as water quality and delineate the 10-year travel zone of the water supply, or the underground paths the water travels on its way to the wells from which BMU draws.

On June 18, The Bryan Times published an article noting that the Bryan City Council has approved $50,000 for the project.

On June 22, The Bryan Times published an article titled, “Proposed state budget includes $500,000 for aquifer study.” The funds will be used to “purchase monitoring equipment and study the network of aquifers generally north of the Maumee River that are located in Ohio but that might also cross state lines.”

Senator Rob McColley stated in the article, “It’s probably something we should have been working on decades ago, and it’s taken this issue to sort of bring it back to the surface. But we definitely believe there’s strong public interest in this, so going forward we can find out if there is enough water in the aquifer to facilitate more withdrawals or not.”

Could the “strong public interest” be the unrelenting pressure by the people of Williams County over the past year? Could it be the fact that citizens have taken the only choice available to them to protect their water resource: creating a charter form of government with the provision that the Michindoh Aquifer has the right to exist and flourish?

It seems that public pressure is having an impact on our governmental representatives. Local people who can rely on a local newspaper to give them the truth about what is going on in their community can come together to affect change. That is why we have freedom of the press and why “all political power is inherent in the people.”

We can never let up. That’s what a government “of, for, and by the people” is all about.

Albert Kwader


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