The Bryan Times,

After the reports came out about the drone droves in the state of Colorado and Nebraska, I now feel compelled to speak out for Ohio.

There have been drone droves hovering Bryan, Ohio, for the past two years. This began in May 2018 and was brought to my attention by none other than my little dog, Poppy. Apparently when the drone droves are a certain distance near, Poppy hears them, and when she does, I get no rest until I follow her to the patio door to observe the lights in the sky and listen to her growling comments.

We’ve been aware of them nearly every summer night. between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. for the past two years now. I notified our local police, in 2018, but no one else reported it from our area. There was an article in the Toledo Blade in 2019 where residents there had placed an inquiry about the mysterious sky lights. My sister read it to me over the phone.

This is both curious and unsettling. Who is orchestrating these drone flights, to what purpose and why covertly in the dark?

Shirley Ladd


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