The Bryan Times,

RE: Edon Village Council Meeting held on June 21st

As a citizen of Edon, I attended our village council meeting on Monday June 21, after it was brought to mine and others attention that the village was in the planning stages of constructing a new building to house its equipment. The proposed project could cost up to $1 million. Being a small town with limited resources, I, like the other citizens, went to find out more. This was the second council meeting that I had attended in the last couple of years, and once again, I was surprised by the demeanor of the council, save one. Their responses to the questions being asked of them were, for lack of a better term, snarky. Firstly, if not for the efforts of one lone councilmember (Mr. Morris), who took the time to go door to door to inform citizens of this proposed plan, I doubt anyone would have been aware of the proposed project and the issues surrounding our nuisance ordinances ... another hot topic.

It was apparent to myself and others that the other council members were none too pleased with Mr. Morris efforts to have citizens come to the meeting. -It was a full house. Their attitude towards us and our questioning was somewhere between condescending and contemptuous. After all, the nerve of ordinary citizens showing up to a public meeting to find out what our elected officials are planning. My unsolicited advice to the Edon village council members and the Mayor: If you want to proceed with this project and any future endeavors, you need to get out and sell your ideas. Go knock on some doors, hold additional meetings if need be, make yourselves readily available and lastly, stop being defensive — it comes across as though you are hiding something. If they could change their approach, I believe they would have folks get on board much more readily with their proposals.

Lance Nofziger


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