The Bryan Times,

In reference to the Public Forum letter about President Trump and the baby situation (re: The Bryan Times, May 1, page 4, “Shame on president, his fans,”), the complaint should be made to the Democratic governor of Virginia who passed this bill with all those women clapping while he signed it. He stated it was between a woman and a doctor. It’s time to blame the people who are responsible for this. Also I read an article that (U.S. Representatives) Nancy (Pelosi) and Chuck (Shumer) want to get a $2 trillion deal for infrastructure but don’t know how to pay for it. The answer is start putting us first. We’re $22 trillion in debt and paying billions in interest. They never pay on it and never save a dime. As the citizens keep paying taxes these people send billions to foreign countries and keep illegals in everything free. What are we paying these people for? Time to wake up!

Rochelle Lee


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