The Bryan Times,

Since I sometimes have letters to the editor published in The Bryan Times that are critical of the Democratic Party, I am guessing a Times’ reader thought it would be humorous to have an official 2019 Democratic Party survey sent to the home address of a diehard Republican. Well the joke is on you. I opened it and discovered there was a pre-addressed, postage paid return envelope in the package. So I completed the form and returned it to the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C. In case you Democrats are interested in how I responded, below are some of the responses:

On “Which Domestic Issues are most important to you” – I checked “Other” and wrote in “Leftist Social Agenda” because I imagine that every time Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York City opens her mouth somewhere there is at least one more vote for Trump.

On ”Which Republican policies do you find most troubling?” – I checked “I am NOT troubled by the policies of the Republican Party.”

On “Which aspects of the Trump Presidency do you find most disturbing?” – I checked “I don’t find the Trump presidency disturbing.”

On “Which of the following activities do you believe the DNC should prioritize this election cycle?” – I checked “Other” and wrote in “Promote Pelosi and Schumer” because again I believe they persuade more people to vote Republican than Democratic every time they get in front of a camera.

On “Use the space below to share your ideas on how the DNC can win in future elections.” I wrote in “Need to double the number of 2020 Presidential candidates – There is not yet an acceptable one in the bunch.” During the primaries the Democrats proportion the votes among the candidates; thus, the more candidates the more confusion and indecisiveness at the National convention.

I do not know which The Bryan Times reader was responsible for having this survey sent to me; but I wish to thank them for the enjoyable time I had in completing it. It gives me great satisfaction to think that just maybe I caused 1/100 of one percent error in the Democrat’s national polling, and hopefully aided in causing them to fail in an election. Hopefully due to the Democrats’ woefully inept administrative capabilities, it will take many months to clear me from their address files, and I will receive many more surveys to complete.

John Leppelmeier


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