The Bryan Times,

I am disappointed with the leadership in this community. I read in the paper that COVID-19 has forced Santa to stay away. Edgerton's schools to go viral. Don't Trick or Treat. Don't gather for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or whatever other event or function. Blame if on COVID. Execoet COVID hasn't cancelled or closed anything. Our leaders have done — or are doing — that. Don't we ahve any real leadership in this community? Someone who will look at the obvious facts surrounding this whole thing? Where are the long lines to get to the pharmacy or doctor's office? Where are the refrigerated trucks with all the cadavers that Governor DeWine and (former Health Department Director) Acton threatened would happen? Where is all the physical evidence for all the fear and hysteria being pushed down our throats every day concerning COVID. It's not there (thankfully) but why has no one in leadership noticed? Why has there been no "wakeup: moment with all the obvious evidence before out eyes? Why are you willing to destroy everything for an over-exaggerated prediction concerning COVID?

Have people died? Yes. Is it any different than the flu season? No — which coincidentally no one has died from the flu ‚ or anything else this year for that matter. Why live in fear and keep living under forced seclusion for a virus that might get you or make you sick? COVID by the way has a 98+% recovery rate. Why close schools and pervert the whole learning experience for the children, especially since they are the least affected by this virus? Why destroy more small businesses and cancel events for the fear of someone possibly getting sick? Follow the crowd. Don't think for yourself. Don't look at the obvious facts around you. Just obey. Don't get me started on the COVID numbers game or the fact the entire medical profession has forgotten how the body's immune system works.

Do we have any real leaders in this community that will look at the obvious and say enough is enough? I say drop all the restrictions. If you want to do the social distancing and mask and cancel your family finctionand events feel free. Don't force your fear on me. If you think I am the only one who shares these beliefs you would be fooling yourself — to put it nicely.

Matt Hurd


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