The Bryan Times,

Over the years in the The Bryan Times’ Public Forum, I have attempted to inform Christians about the changes being made to the Holy Bible by the new Bibles.

Year after year has gone by, even decades since I first tried to warn to Bryan churches and Public Forum readers about the terrible changes being made to the Word of God by the new Bibles being published. After all this time has gone by, what alarms me the most is that no matter how terrible the new Bible changes the Word of God, the Christian Church in Bryan remains silent and unconcerned.

For example, in Colossians 1:14, speaking of Jesus, the Son of God, we read in the Bible these words: “I’m who we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.” But for years, certain prophets and devout men of God have told church pastors in Bryan that the words “through his blood” have been taken out of Colossians 1:14 by the new Bibles these pastors were using. yet today, church pastors in Bryan continue to use these new Bibles. Taking out Jesus’s blood in Colossians 1:14 does not seem to be an issue to them.

Another terrible change the new Bibles have made is in Luke 2:22, where they teach that after his virgin birth, Jesus had to be purified! Again, to the Christian Church in Bryan, this is not an issue. The church pastors are silent and seemingly unconcerned that the new Bibles are teaching that God needed to be purified.

After a generation of warning Bryan’s Christian Church and warning many individual Christians about the new Bibles changing the Word of God, my sad, sad conclusion is that the Christian Church in Bryan is unconcerned and does not really care what changes are made to the Bible.

Steven Omasta


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