Everyone refers to our country as the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave,” but do we ever really think about what the phrase means? How did our country even get to this point? Who were the people that risked their lives for us to gain a safe place to live? Veterans helped our country become what it is today. They went above and beyond and deserve our thanks.

“Land of the Free,” means that we live in a society that lets us practice any kind of religion that we want, think what we want to think, and live how we want to live. Not many countries get to say that. “Home of the Brave,” brings us to the people who risked their lives to make this country the amazing place that it is, better known as veterans. These brave people put others first. They did not just dream of a better life; they fought for it.

Veterans were away from their families so that we do not have to be. It would be so difficult to set aside one’s own life so that future generations would have the chance to not focus on surviving but focus on thriving.

We should thank veterans because they put their lives on the line so that we could have a better tomorrow and fought for freedom. They did not just sit around waiting for others to fight for the country. They took action. Veterans deserve our highest respect and gratitude. Thank you, veterans!

By Paige Kunsman, seventh and eighth grade category

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