The Bryan Times,

As a tax paying citizen of Williams County, I’d really appreciate some justification on the recent activity by Commissioner Brian Davis. He announced he was serving out his remaining term (approximately 18 months), and it was his “greatest honor” to have served Williams County. Fine. Then just a few days later we are informed he’s now the Administrator at Antwerp and he’ll only be attending half of the Commissioners meetings and has resigned from all his committee appointments. So, if I understand this, we taxpayers are going to pay him his salary of nearly $55,000 for the remaining 18 months, while he is essentially not fulfilling his responsibilities as our Commissioner! Wow! He’s collecting nearly $55,000 from us and at the same time collecting over $59,000 from the city of Antwerp, and all this time he really isn’t doing the job as a Williams County Commissioner. Just to make clear, that means he’s collecting nearly $82,000 in the next 18 months from us Williams County taxpayers for doing nothing but attending one meeting a week and serving on no functional committees. That is appalling to me.

I, and many others in the area I’ve spoken with, would really like the missing Commissioner to justify this to us, and, as well the other two Commissioners need to explain to the taxpayer why this is all perfectly fine! I’m not sure how everyone feels, but if I were one of the other two Commissioners and the third one came in and said, “Oh, I’m taking another job, so can’t be here but for one meeting, and by the way, you two have to pick up my jobs, because I’m too busy with the new job,” I’d be telling him to resign immediately.

As far as I have been able to determine, this is all perfectly legal, but I find it highly unethical and Brian Davis is truly taking advantage of the taxpayers of Williams County, and if anyone wants to know why the vast majority of the populace has very, very low opinions of Government elected office holders, I suggest they need look no further than this example of abuse of the system.

Tom Reed


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